i have an important announcement to make

here is the short: postrockpaperscissors will become a bi-weekly podcast until it is slowly phased out.

here is the long: you read that right, postrockpaperscissors is coming to an end. before you say “noooo!” i figure i’ll explain why.

well, this show has been going on for four years now dating back to when we were on the radio. i had a lot of fun along the way. met a lot of great bands. played a lot of great music. however, every time i wanted to end the show, i had people telling me that i shouldn’t. so i didn’t. i just kept chugging along.

basically, i’m a nice guy. always have been. i don’t like to disappoint others and i love to see them when they’re happy. that’s just the way i’m built. but for once i’m going to have to disappoint someone.

see, this show has been going on for a long time. i’ve done as much as i possibly could with it. it’s time to move on. i have a long list of things i want to do with my life. and i can safely cross this one out and move to the next.

hopefully, you all can understand this. i’m very thankful to all of you who have been listening to the show. it really means a lot to me. and i hope this show has meant a bit to you as well.

i am planning to end the show at episode 30, so don’t go away just yet! that will leave you with 30 podcasts plus a bunch of older shows to listen to at archive.org. hopefully that will suffice.

finally, i hope this podcast ending is not a discouraging note. rather, i hope someone will be inspired to start their own podcast. all it takes is a mic and an imagination. i’m sure you all have the latter. the former isn’t too hard to attain either. so hopefully, with the end of this podcast will come a newer and better one from someone else.

thanks everyone for listening.