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Top 80 Tracks of 2013 Pt. 1

80. Secret Pyramid – A Descent [Ambient / Drone] 79. Blue Sky Black Death – IV (feat. JMSN) [Downtempo / Dream Pop] 78. Simon Lomax – Zone of Cold [Ambient / Drone] 77.… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: August 5, 2011

Check This Out: 20 Scents That Secretly Defined Your Childhood. Warning: may cause a nostalgia overdose. The Envisioning Development Toolkit. Upper East Side Manhattan median income = $178,000. Just next door, East Harlem… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: July 22, 2011

Before you waste your time with the links below, I just want to mention that I will be out of town next week and will not be in front of a computer very… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: July 15, 2011

Check This Out: The Sunscreen Smokescreen – as a member of the pale race, I find this quite useful. When does crime happen? – Indianapolis, I don’t understand you. The Changing Face of… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: July 8, 2011

Want This: Pop Chart Lab’s new-and-improved beergraphic: The Very, Very Many Varieties of Beer. Check This Out: What’s a useful/cool skill that only takes five minutes to learn? Some of these blew my… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: July 1, 2011

Check This Out: You don’t even have to click this link. Just know that the U.S. military spends $20.2 billion annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan. That’s more than NASA’s budget.… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: June 24, 2011

Check This Out: What happens on the internet every 60 seconds, not including the number of views redtube (if you don’t know what redtube is, don’t search for it while at work. or… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: June 17, 2011

Check This Out: Great Infographics – a shit ton of great data visualizations, most of which we’ve already posted, but whatever. Look at This: Dear Photograph, i’m feeling a little nostalgic. Multiple Exposure… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: June 10, 2011

Check This Out: Trulia Crime Maps: Visualizing Where Crime Happens in U.S. Cities. If you’re a pretty big geek, you’ll probably find this article on Sony password analysis quite interesting. While looking at… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: June 3, 2011

Check This Out: The Most Populous U.S. cities from 1790-1900. Northern Liberties is the 6th most populous city in 1790 and completely disappears in 1850. Los Angeles randomly pops up in 1900. This… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: May 27, 2011

Want This: I wish I was still in school so I could buy this Ostrich nap pillow. Check This Out: See just who controls Washington, and what they paid for the privilege Vinyl’s… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: May 20, 2011

Want This: Coffee Joulies. And God said, let there be Joulies, and there were Joulies. Check This Out: A gorgeous flowchart of art since the renaissance. Warning: this image is MASSIVE. Movies are… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: May 13, 2011

Check This Out: Snake Oil? Scientific evidence (or lack thereof) for popular health supplements. As Rich Boy would say, throw some D’s on that bitch. Food for Thought – Number of animals killed… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: May 6, 2011

Not a very busy week due to all the osama-related news taking over, but here you go anyway. Check This Out: Ever wonder what foods and drinks should be paired together? Look… Continue reading

Weekly Notes: April 29, 2011

Check This Out: 25 Everyday Things You Never Knew Had Names Authors who have tricked men into thinking being a drug addict/drunk will improve their shitty, unimaginative prose. For the most part, this… Continue reading