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weekly notes: january 7, 2011

before you pour all your time down the timesink below, go to our mixcloud page and vote for us for Best Cloudcaster of 2010. you’ve already voted? do it again! check this out:… Continue reading

weekly notes: december 30, 2010

play with this: can you spot the 50 hidden movie titles in this quiz? for those playing at home, i got a disappointing 27/50. look at this: 10 examples of beautiful winter photography… Continue reading

weekly notes: december 17, 2010

year end lists: top 10 data visualization projects of 2010 top 10 black listed movies of 2010 top 20 internet lists of 2010 top 30 most important cats of 2010 top 10 of… Continue reading

weekly notes: december 10, 2010

before you waste your time with our weekly links, take a minute or two (it’s only 4 questions!) to fill out our survey! help us make the show a more enjoyable listen for everyone.… Continue reading

weekly notes: december 3, 2010

want this: this week in chair news – the magic chair and bedroom dress boys. check this out: google has outdone themselves. again. this time with google beatboxing. click listen. if you want… Continue reading

weekly notes: november 26, 2010

want this: pie fries. om nom nom nom. oh, the pint shot glass, another awesome useless artifact of a burgeoning technocracy. the sharky tea infuser, bringing awesome to the tea world since 2010.… Continue reading

weekly notes: november 19, 2010

clear out your weekend, we’ve got a whole lot of notes here. play with this: every single sample used in girl talk’s all day cities from space: a guessing game. for those playing… Continue reading

weekly notes: november 12, 2010

want this: chewbacca dog. i has it. this folding chair makes all other folding chairs feel like shit for not being as awesome. if remote controls died, this is what their heaven would… Continue reading

weekly notes: november 05, 2010

want this: spoon + nachos = spoonachos mini cupcake toppers, i.e. inception cupcakes check this out: peak break-up times on facebook. sometimes being horribly alone is not so bad. i can’t believe it’s… Continue reading

weekly notes: october 29, 2010

note this: two updates first, the daily notes are now going to be weekly notes and are going to be posted once a week. and always on fridays. the daily notes weren’t daily… Continue reading