weekly notes: december 10, 2010

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now, commence wasting your time.

check this out:

look at this:

read this:

1a. ikiru
1b. seven samurai, rashomon
1c. yojimbo, the bad sleep well, ran, throne of blood

have i mentioned i’m a big kurosawa fan?

2. the thin red line
3. in the mood for love
4. modern times
5. bicycle thieves
6. the third man
7. l’avventura
8a. band of outsiders
8b.le samourai
8c. breathless
9. ace in the hole
10. withnail and i

EDIT: this gave me the urge to come up with a list of the worst movies ever and all i can think about is how much i fucking hate crash.

listen to this:

watch this:

  • 250 movie introductions
  • egyptian maths
  • how crayons are made

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