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Last Ten Films I Watched (Extended)

According to Flixster, I’ve seen 57 films since the last time I posted one of these articles. So here they all are, in the order I saw them, rated using They shoot Pictures‘… Continue reading

last ten films i watched, pt. iv

haven’t posted one of these in a long while, so there’s plenty more than ten. but i’ll make it snappy. a single man – worth a look. stylistically wonderful, but lacking in the… Continue reading

the last ten films i watched, pt. iii

there’s actually thirteen films here, but some of them are really bad, so whatever. alice in wonderland – this film was horrendous. the animated version from 1951 is well worth watching, but not… Continue reading

werner herzog is a plastic bag

the last ten films i watched, pt. ii

shutter island – this movie was pretty average. i figured out the ending halfway through, so the whole “ending twist” did not come as a surprise to me. also, i find the fact… Continue reading

the last ten films i watched, pt. i

in order to fill this blog with some content (it looks very naked,) i’ve decided to have a recurring segment that will go up roughly once a month titled “the last ten films… Continue reading

none of this is real.

we’re famous!

well, not quite. but check out this new documentary by our good friends beware of safety that features a few clips of our interviews with them in shows past, along with many other… Continue reading

there are no others, there is only us

47 years a.t.

a few days ago i was watching a special on plate tectonics on one of those educational channels. it was on the san andreas fault here in california. they mentioned that plate tectonics… Continue reading