47 years a.t.

a few days ago i was watching a special on plate tectonics on one of those educational channels. it was on the san andreas fault here in california. they mentioned that plate tectonics wasn’t a widely held theory until the 1960s. now i had taken an oceanography class before, so i knew that plate tectonics wasn’t established until the 20th century, but i totally didn’t pay attention to the part that said it didn’t exist until the 1960s. my brother thought it was from the 1800s. it just goes to show how much more the average person knows today compared to just 50 years ago. hell, the average high school senior knows more about physics than newton did. amazing how we’re still a bunch of douchebags though.

so yesterday i was watching ‘lethal weapon’ on amc and i realized a few things:

1. look at mel gibson’s hair. jesus, he looks like bon jovi.
2. danny glover is the man.
3. riggs and murtaugh are definitely one of the best buddy cop duos ever. ‘lethal weapon’ in general is badass.

lethal weapon

4. ‘lethal weapon 4’ was released eleven years ago? i remember renting that on vhs from blockbuster. holy shit, i’m old.
5. holy fuck, this movie is only 25 years after tectonics.

imagine that. ‘lethal weapon’ was made only 25 years after plate tectonics was established. these people are living in a world that just discovered plate tectonics! and this is a little more than 20 years ago. amazing.

then i saw a commercial for ‘mad men’ and realized, these people don’t even know what plate tectonics is. they’re living 20 years before tectonics. what.

and thus i stumbled upon my new frame of reference for time. plate tectonics. 1962 is now year zero. we are living in 47 a.t.