Monthly Archive: August, 2010

daily notes: august 31, 2010

daily infographic: 50 years of space exploration and 600 hanna-barbera characters daily design: the william and the eco urinal daily photo-essays: 18 places to feel dwarfed by nature and the worlds most spectacular… Continue reading

episode 35: in case you missed it pt. i

today’s show is the first part of a series dedicated to post-rock tracks you may have missed. to listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our itunes podcast feed or… Continue reading

daily notes: august 25, 2010

daily infographic: 1990 vs. 2010 daily read: 10 photos capturing moments in spontaneous badassery daily design: inter-locking ear buds and a 182 square foot apartment daily image: white sands national monument daily jam:… Continue reading


as i’ve mentioned before, soundcloud places a limit on the amount of minutes you can upload on a free account. after uploading 8 podcasts, i was left with 35 minutes available. since no… Continue reading

daily notes: august 23, 2010

daily images: longest photographic exposures in history and national parks infinite photo daily read: what is your creativity number? daily awesome: magnificent beards daily video: converting plastic to oil and a spaceship launch… Continue reading

episode 34: landings

this episode is somewhat of a confluence of electronics and modern classical music. to listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our itunes podcast feed or listen to and download… Continue reading

daily notes: august 16, 2010

daily images: landslides in zhouqu county, china and pakistani floods daily awesome: world’s deepest pool daily read/jam: a rough guide to arvo part and 25 tracks: a dubstep chronology

daily notes: august 13, 2010

daily images: in silhouette daily read: P =/= NP? daily awesome: futuristic furniture daily jam: arms & sleepers – twentynine palms daily videos: between bears words (when i saw this, i immediately thought… Continue reading

last ten films i watched, pt. iv

haven’t posted one of these in a long while, so there’s plenty more than ten. but i’ll make it snappy. a single man – worth a look. stylistically wonderful, but lacking in the… Continue reading

daily notes: august 9, 2010

daily image: hipster cat and beards are awesome daily read: ten strange sharks daily infographic: how and where sharks attack daily jam: roxy music – more than this daily video: the effects of… Continue reading

episode 33: cloud atlas

today’s show is an attempt to create an arrangement of music that reflects the structure of the novel Cloud Atlas by the author David Mitchell. EDIT: i told the folks over at the… Continue reading

daily notes: august 4, 2010

daily infographic: a passion for beards daily image: 😦 and phew daily read: monkey saves dog and the chinese doing what they do best daily jams: sonmi451 – steady drop and foals –… Continue reading

daily notes: august 2, 2010

daily infographic: how wild is north america? daily read: five beard-shaving scenes with symbolic weight daily images: yves marchand and romain meffre – detroit daily jam: new buffalo – you’ve gone my friend… Continue reading