last ten films i watched, pt. iv

haven’t posted one of these in a long while, so there’s plenty more than ten. but i’ll make it snappy.

a single man – worth a look. stylistically wonderful, but lacking in the content department.

the bridge on the river kwai – recommended. first reaction: oh shit, that’s obi-wan kenobi!

far from heaven – worth a look. a nice period piece.

the french connection – worth a look. i’m sure i would have been impressed if saw this when it first came out… 39 years ago.

iron man 2 – approach with caution. typical hollywood summer blockbuster flick.

on the waterfront – recommended+1. brando has the most bizarre eyebrows/eyelids.

touch of evil – recommended. charlton heston is probably the least convincing mexican ever.

schindler’s list – worth a look. i used to always confuse liam neeson with ralph fiennes. i still do, but not as much.

bande a part – recommended+1. i think i fell in love with anna karina in this movie.

out of the past – recommended+1. so underrated. and doesn’t robert mitchum look like a big kirk douglas?

sweet smell of success – worth a look. i never cared for tony curtis.

blue velvet – recommended. dennis hopper being a crazy motherfucker is probably one of the best typecasts ever.

the long goodbye – dud. movies like this make me hate the 70s. but don’t let this stop you from reading the book, which is very good.

the unbearable lightness of being – recommended. oh juliette binoche, how you make me melt.

a clockwork orange – approach with caution. one of those movies where halfway through i was thinking “when is this going to end already?” probably would have been cooler if i saw this when i was 18.

inception – recommended. a hollywood summer blockbuster that was actually well-thought out. oh thank god.

toy story 3 – recommended. i like pixar. you should too.

ace in the hole – recommended. kirk douglas strikes again!

withnail and i – recommended. very funny.

l’avventura – recommended. one of those films that just lingers weeks after seeing it.

solyaris – recommended. tarkovsky = philosophical musings cloaked in pretty pictures.

a good batch. lots of recommendeds. i like it.