Monthly Archive: March, 2010

werner herzog is a plastic bag

episode 24: samples & spoken word

this show is about songs that use vocal samples and/or spoken word. i apologize in advance for the the talking blocks sounding crappier than they normally do. to listen to or download the… Continue reading

top 10 search terms that have led to this page

these are some of my favorite google search terms that have led to this website. 10. rock paper scissors f my life / rock paper scissor retards 9. old buddy cops 8. sam… Continue reading

episode 23: interview with jordan volz

this show is a little different than usual. the bulk of the show is our interview with jordan volz, the owner of i apologize for the arbitrary ambient noise in the background… Continue reading

the last ten films i watched, pt. ii

shutter island – this movie was pretty average. i figured out the ending halfway through, so the whole “ending twist” did not come as a surprise to me. also, i find the fact… Continue reading