the last ten films i watched, pt. ii

shutter island – this movie was pretty average. i figured out the ending halfway through, so the whole “ending twist” did not come as a surprise to me. also, i find the fact that this is now being advertised as having a “twist” to be very silly. there are only two possible endings here and telling people there is a twist already eliminates one of them. i’d say it’s worth a look simply for its inclusion of max richter’s “on the nature of daylight” in the score.

un prophete – i thought this movie suffered from an identity crisis. it went back and forth between being a dynamic artsy suspense film and a typical prison/crime drama. i was disappointed, but definitely worth a look if you enjoy crime dramas.

cache – this movie went from good to great to fairly mediocre. it was a thriller with a dud of an ending. worth a look simply for the binoche factor.

the road – all post-apocalyptic movies have at least one of three things: salvation, a chosen one, or zombies/vampires. this had neither, so i was happy with it. recommended.

strangers on a train – not one of hitchock’s best, but it was still pretty good. i’d say it’s worth a look if you enjoy suspense films from that era.

ghost world – i thought this movie was a complete dud. it’s rated pretty highly on imdb and theyshootpictures, so it seems i’m in the minority here. but not even steve buscemi or scarlett johansson could save this movie for me. it was just so frustrating.

sex and lucia – this was my favorite film of the bunch. a very sexy movie. definitely recommended.

avatar – dances with pocahontas in ferngully. if you haven’t seen it already, i’d say approach with caution. all graphics, no substance.

a serious man – worth a look if you’re a coen completionist or want to check out all the films nominated for the oscars. otherwise you can leave it at the end of your queue.

primer – this movie is a mindfuck. i doubt anyone fully understands it on their first viewing. definitely recommended for those into sciencey thrillers.