Monthly Archive: June, 2010

daily notes: june 30, 2010

daily videos: what, if anything, is big bird? and a vuvuzela bolero daily awesome: the invisible shelf and my neighbour totoro daily images: delicious flags and folder paper art daily jam: riding alone… Continue reading

daily notes: june 28, 2010

daily awesome: 55th storey infinity pool daily infographic: colours in culture daily read: 6 true stories behind celebrity stage names daily image: rubik’s cube art daily jam: mississippi fred mcdowell – goin down… Continue reading

episode 31: post-(rock band)

today we try to see what it would be like to play a post-rock version of the video game Rock Band. to listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our… Continue reading

daily notes: june 23, 2010

daily image: remembering the korean war. And now on a lighter note, this is just adorable and this is just the best newspaper headline ever daily read: ten saddest kids’ movies daily jam:… Continue reading

daily notes: june 21, 2010

daily image: stuff no one told me and a photo a day, until he died daily read: 5 gun myths everyone believes thanks to the movies and once upon a time in afghanistan… Continue reading

daily notes: june 16, 2010

daily awesome: packaged single-serve wine in a plastic glass and watching the world cup through twitter daily images: oil wave and what if the oil spill was centered in LA? daily read: 100… Continue reading

daily notes: june 14, 2010

daily images: i’m not sure what’s going on here and a tree daily infographic: energy savings made simple daily jam: sickoakes – oceans on hold daily video: 21st century citizen kane

daily notes: june 11, 2010

daily read: in sweden, men can have it all (i.e. holy fuck you get 390 days of parental leave (paid days off) from work when you have a child in sweden? amazing) daily… Continue reading

daily notes: june 09, 2010

daily want: coffee table paper shredder daily what: this is pretty amazing, that’s all i’ll say daily image: nothing new to report daily read/video: augmented shadow daily jam: johann johannsson – odi et… Continue reading

daily notes: june 08, 2010

daily want: spoon cookie daily images: shanghai: 1990 vs. 2010, polaroids by andrei tarkovsky, and hand drawn zoo daily jam: nico muhly – it goes without saying

daily notes: june 07, 2010

daily want: the moustache mug daily images: remembering d-day, 66 years ago and best film noir movie title stills (they don’t make ’em like they used to.) daily infographic: the world of programming… Continue reading

episode 30: arrangement in gray and black

today’s show is mostly a minimalist classical affair. to listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our itunes podcast feed or listen to and download the podcast below: Arrangement In… Continue reading

daily notes: june 4, 2010

daily image: i’m not sure what’s going on here daily infographic: the cost of being a student daily read: jet lag and since it is national doughnut day (only in america,) doughnut history… Continue reading

daily notes: june 3, 2010

daily images: coffee lovers (definitely in the 5%,) tv university faculty (bird law,) caught in the oil, and if movies followed their original casting (toshiro mifune was supposed to be obi wan? that… Continue reading

daily notes: june 2, 2010

daily image: take it to the shredder daily this is awesome: nested knives daily read: six geniuses that were perverts daily jam: rafael anton irisarri – fur alina daily video: momentos (probably the… Continue reading