Monthly Archive: July, 2010

going on vacation / a retrospective

i will be away from my computer for roughly the next two weeks, so i won’t be able to post up any new podcasts or updates during that span. in the meantime, here… Continue reading

daily notes: july 19, 2010

daily infographic: cognitive surplus visualized daily read: abandoned hospitals daily images: bookshelf porn and these are paintings daily jam: lights out asia – spiti elefas daily video:

daily notes: june 15, 2010

daily infographic: the perfect pour daily image: my life daily read: 18th century ship found at the trade center and 40 things you should know about the next 40 years daily video: 10… Continue reading

daily notes: july 13, 2010

daily awesome: bendy bike, texting while you walk, and 14 inventions you wish you invented daily comic: have a cigar daily image: use the blitz, luke daily octopus: this and that daily read:… Continue reading

life through bombardment

when was the last time you sat down, with your headphones on, or speakers blaring, listening to a record? only a record. nothing else. absolutely nothing. your mind completely focused on the music.… Continue reading

episode 32: buried in the sky

today’s show is about floating away to some ambient pop. EDIT 1: I apologize for the crappy audio quality of the talking blocks (particularly the first) for today’s show. EDIT 2: While recapping… Continue reading

daily notes: july 7, 2010

daily read: the future of coffee and why i should have known that spain was going to beat germany daily images: summer is here and the world’s longest single span bridges daily check… Continue reading

daily notes: july 6, 2010

daily awesome: party time, excellent! daily infographic: why germany will win the world cup daily read: six things from history that everyone pictures incorrectly daily reader recommendation: loved daily jam: bill callahan –… Continue reading

daily notes: july 2, 2010

daily image: alaskan vodka daily infographic: economic and sales productivity during the world cup 2010 daily read: 25 things you may not have known about back to the future daily jam: braid –… Continue reading