going on vacation / a retrospective

i will be away from my computer for roughly the next two weeks, so i won’t be able to post up any new podcasts or updates during that span. in the meantime, here are some of my favorite episodes of post-rock paper scissors from back when we were on UCLARadio.com. enjoy!

in chronological order:

06-05-07 with Joy Wants Eternity

08-21-07 with Balmorhea

02-28-08 with This Will Destroy You

03-06-08 with Gifts From Enola

10-15-08 with Giants

10-22-08 with North

11-19-08 with Beware of Safety

04-07-09 with Efterklang

04-14-09 with Peter Broderick

05-05-09 with Jordan Volz

05-26-09 with Signal Hill

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