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Cloud 13

Haven’t put out a mix in 9 months, so here we go. Since I don’t post often, if you want more stuff like this just go to I get a lot of… Continue reading

Cloud 12

A feelsy pop mix. Download

Cloud 11

A mix to prepare for the summer time. Download

Cloud 10

A summery mix to for the winter time. Download

Cloud 9

Been a few months since the last cloud, so here’s a dreamy pop mix. Download

Cloud 8

Another chill hip-hop mix. Download

Cloud 7

Been experiencing a bit of mixer’s block lately. Currently I have 7 (7!) unfinished PRPS mixes on my machine, so here is a chillwave/pop Cloud Atlas mix in an attempt to get some… Continue reading

Cloud 6

A sugary pop mix for a fun summer day. Download

Cloud 5

A chill hip-hop mix for a lazy summer day. Download

Top 15 Pop Songs of 2012 + Cloud 4

Let’s face it guys, you all come to PRPS to get my opinion on pop music. Don’t deny it! Embrace it. So below are the 15 pop tracks I enjoyed the most in… Continue reading

Cloud 3

This is the same playlist as “Episode 169: With You” by post-rock paper scissors, only without the talking breaks.

Cloud 2

It’s been awhile since I put out a Cloud Atlas mix. If you’re in the mood for some synth pop and downtempo electronica.

Cloud 1

The PRPS side project is here. I will be posting mixes occasionally (once-a-month-ish.) These mixes are going to be consisting of music I enjoy that is not necessarily PRPS material (i.e. hip-hop, indie… Continue reading