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daily notes: october 25, 2010

daily infographic: internet vs. privacy daily design: concave soap and “no mess” ketchup packets daily images: the milky way daily read: kurt vonnegut at the blackboard and 14 fast food items not available… Continue reading

daily notes: october 20, 2010

daily infographic: evolution of the geek sterling cooper draper pryce office floor plan daily images: your morning sky birds minnesota + hitchcock mustache epidemic daily read: longing for lines that had us at… Continue reading

daily notes: october 14, 2010

daily infographic: the true size of africa daily design: what to do with your old books daily images: turkish circumciser business cards toilet paper roll art a ceramic cloud millions of sun-flower seeds… Continue reading

daily notes: october 10, 2010

daily read: insane sex lives in the animal kingdom daily images: incredible aerial images, the national ignition facility, and 109 cats in sweaters daily design: whirlpool fountain daily video: the desk daily jam:… Continue reading

daily notes: october 6, 2010

daily awesome: google street view in antarctica daily infographics: who’s suing whom?, a guide to facebook portraits, and internet cartography daily images: a flood of toxic sludge, human landscapes, and a turtle daily… Continue reading

daily notes: september 29, 2010

a reader informed me that we have no rss feed on our website. i always thought we did. but we didn’t. now we do. it’s on the right hand side. right there ->… Continue reading

daily notes: september 27, 2010

daily images: america before pearl harbor and a whole crapload of devil rays daily design: original models: a look at iconic tech prototypes daily read: words that can’t be translated to english, people… Continue reading

daily notes: september 20, 2010

daily infographic: the grand taxonomy of rap names, the very many varieties of beer, and color-coding the racial divide daily images: photo series by stefano unterthiner daily design: cloudscapes by transsolar and tetsuo… Continue reading

daily notes: september 13, 2010

daily images: the year’s best astronomy photography and a floating telephone pole daily blog: things i purchased for girls that are now of no use to me daily read/infographic: 75 best college cities… Continue reading

daily notes: september 10, 2010

daily images: dancers in motion, manufactured totems, and a missed connection daily read: 5 fictional stories you were taught in history class daily jam: beach house – norway and efterklang – step aside… Continue reading

daily notes: september 8, 2010

daily infographic: soda vs. pop vs. coke daily design: unraveling calendar and bike worship daily images: twitpics from space and trapped in a chilean mine daily read: 5 strangest things evolution left in… Continue reading

daily notes: september 2, 2010

daily infographic: 500 years of science, reason, & critical thinking daily comic: four levels of social entrapment daily want: pop tarts on a stick daily what: “bubbling” (not so safe for work) daily… Continue reading

daily notes: august 31, 2010

daily infographic: 50 years of space exploration and 600 hanna-barbera characters daily design: the william and the eco urinal daily photo-essays: 18 places to feel dwarfed by nature and the worlds most spectacular… Continue reading

daily notes: august 25, 2010

daily infographic: 1990 vs. 2010 daily read: 10 photos capturing moments in spontaneous badassery daily design: inter-locking ear buds and a 182 square foot apartment daily image: white sands national monument daily jam:… Continue reading

daily notes: august 23, 2010

daily images: longest photographic exposures in history and national parks infinite photo daily read: what is your creativity number? daily awesome: magnificent beards daily video: converting plastic to oil and a spaceship launch… Continue reading