weekly notes: october 29, 2010

note this: two updates

first, the daily notes are now going to be weekly notes and are going to be posted once a week. and always on fridays. the daily notes weren’t daily anyway, so this should be fine.

second, i have roughly ten playlists sitting around in my queue so instead of releasing a podcast every two weeks, we are going back to a weekly format. so, we will be releasing a podcast every week. and it will always be released tuesday mornings, or tuesday afternoon for you folks on the east coast, or tuesday evenings for our european friends, or just check here if you’re from guam or something. no offense to our avid guamanian fanbase.

remember this: RIP Paul the Octopus

want this: pizza pops

read this:

look at this:

play with this:

  • awesome traffic flow simulator (yes, i used the word awesome to describe traffic flow simulation. nerdout with me.)
  • teleport to a random place in the world with mapcrunch

listen to this:

watch this: last minutes with oden (i don’t recommend watching this at work, because you will cry and it will be awkward)

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