Weekly Notes: June 24, 2011

Check This Out:

  • What happens on the internet every 60 seconds, not including the number of views redtube (if you don’t know what redtube is, don’t search for it while at work. or when there are children/old people/people in general around.) gets. Tangentially, this made me curious to find out how the stock price for Kimberly Clark Corp (most notably known for Kleenex) has fared since the dot-com boom. Not surprisingly, if you filter the chart for NYSE:KMB to show stock prices since 1995, there’s been a big trend upward, from around $25 per share to $66 today. If you had the foresight to know that the internet was going to rapidly increase the rate of jerkoffs per 60 seconds over the next two decades, you’d be a millionaire right now.
  • A timeline of the AFI Top 100 movies. Sidenote: the rest of the timelines on this site are pretty interesting as well.
  • An illustrated guide to the Boston Bruins’ $156,679 Foxwoods bar tab. I wonder if a $100K bottle of champagne tastes 100K times as awful as regular champagne.
  • Which Fish are OK to Eat? Major Halibut bummer.

Look at This:

Read This:

Listen to This:

Watch This:

  • Bloom (Disney Remix by Pogo)
  • First Time Tribe Encounter with Civilized Man (interesting if you can get beyond the terribly cheesy music)

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