Weekly Notes: June 10, 2011

Check This Out:

  • Trulia Crime Maps: Visualizing Where Crime Happens in U.S. Cities.
  • If you’re a pretty big geek, you’ll probably find this article on Sony password analysis quite interesting.
  • While looking at this infographic on A Day in the Life of the UPS Fleet the only thing I kept thinking about was “holy shit, that’s a lot of gas.”
  • The Opportunity Gap – just look at the section on Household Net Worth and try not to feel either A. depressed, B. disturbed, C. furious, or D. all of the above.
  • Water Down – the same options as above apply here.

Look at This:

  • Volcano eruption in Chile Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
  • I recently watched all five seasons of The Wire over the span of two weeks because it’s possible the greatest show ever. So naturally, I’m quite fond of the idea of Hanna-Barbera presents The Wire.

Read This:

Listen to This:

Watch This:

  • 3-Way Street

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