a change in plans

a few months ago, i wrote a post on how i was soon going to end the podcast / this blog / everything prps-related. well, since then my readership (read listenership) has increased quite a bit and i just feel like i would be prematurely ending one of the few things i’m actually good at it (or at least that’s what i gather since people seem to be enjoying it.) so why end a good thing, amirite?

however, we are going to be changing our business model (hardly a business, but this sounds professional.)

the podcasts are going to be fewer and farther in between. i’m aiming for at least once a month with somewhere between 15-20 in a calendar year. i know it’s not much, but hopefully it will serve you well.

to make up for it, what i’m going to do is post a daily (yes daily! or actually weekdaily) blog post that contain several links to help you get through the day.

the posts will always contain what i’m going to be calling our “daily jam.” basically, whatever song i’ve been jamming to the most that day. so five of these a week along with the intermittent podcasts and you should still be getting as much music content as we’re currently covering. however, the song types will be a bit more varying than what we normally play on the podcasts. but since the podcasts cover about 75% of what i listen to, you need not fear.

the post will also contain a couple other links to certain news articles, videos, funny stories or pictures i’ve been entertained by that day. but i won’t be bothering you with your typical internet flotsam. if you’ve enjoyed the videos i’ve posted or the links in our Links page, then i think you’ll find most of what i post from here on out to be at least somewhat interesting.

so all in all, the blog is going to have a bigger role going forward than the podcasts, so please make sure to check in regularly! subscribe to the blog on google reader if you use it. side note: google reader is amazing.

anyway, to kick it off, here’s our daily jam:

art blakey & the jazz messengers – moanin’