a few tips

i recently got a request to make each podcast episode’s playlist available on the blog. since the playlists are already listed at each episode’s respective mixcloud page and on the mixcloud player posted in each blog post, i realized that i’m probably not properly conveying every which way you can access the show. so here is everything you need to know.

there are a couple ways to listen to the show:

1. subscribe to our itunes podcast feed. of course, this only works if you use itunes. if you listen to the podcast episodes on your iPod, this is the most convenient way to go since itunes will automatically download you the latest podcast episode whenever it becomes available.

2. download yourself an rss reader and subscribe to our rss feed. this is the way to go if you’d like to have our podcasts downloaded to your machine without using itunes. since i use itunes, i’m not exactly familiar with what rss readers there are available for you, but if anyone has any good suggestions, please post them in the comments.

3. go to our mixcloud page at http://www.mixcloud.com/babarm87/. this is the best way to listen to the show because every single podcast episode we ever released is conveniently located in one place with tracklists and other information.

4. archive.org. i pretty much use archive.org solely for having a place to host the podcasts for our rss and itunes feeds to access. if mixcloud doesn’t work for you, your second best bet is archive.org. the downside to archive is that we don’t have our own page there so you have to search for the show in order to find our podcast episodes. also, we don’t list the tracklists there and it doesn’t look as sleek as mixcloud. the upside is that you can find some super old episodes of post-rock paper scissors from a few years back when we were on the radio at uclaradio.com which include a lot of interviews we’ve done with some awesome bands.

5. finally, you can listen to our latest shows at http://soundcloud.com/postrockpaperscissors/. soundcloud has some cool features, but it has an upload limit so we only make our latest episodes available there.

some other links:

we have a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Post-Rock-Paper-Scissors/107924952599084.

and we have a twitter @prpsprpsprps.

we usually post links on facebook and twitter before anywhere else.

if you have any questions, please post a comment.