Episode 186: A Night at the Opera

This mix is based off a playlist I created for PRPS prior to ending it as a weekly podcast but never got around to posting.

The intention was to create a post-rock opera (or something close to it), thus most of the tracks here are quite dramatic and over the top.

To listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our itunes podcast feed or listen to and download the podcast below:

Episode 186 on Archive.org


  1. The Pax Cecilia – The Tragedy
  2. Sufjan Stevens – The Seer’s Tower
  3. Guillemots – Sao Paolo
  4. Jaga Jazzist – Stardust Hotel
  5. Her Name Is Calla – Pour More Oil
  6. The Ascent of Everest – Return to Us
  7. Magyar Posse – Whirlpool Of Terror And Tension
  8. Lis Er Stille – Spurven
  9. Lis Er Stille – Fyri Framman
  10. Sigur Ros – Ára Bátur


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