Episode 184: Moon Ate the Dark

Today’s episode is a mix brought to you by Moon Ate the Dark.

Who is Moon Ate the Dark?
Anna Rose Carter and Christopher Brett Bailey.

Where does the name come from?
Our name is half stolen from something Alfred Jarry wrote in his book ‘Exploits and Opinions of Dr Faustroll’. It isn’t the perfect book but it’s close.

How did you come up with the playlist?
It came to us in a dream, a collective dream.

What’s next for Moon Ate the Dark?
A brand new EP called ‘Molt and Grow’ is out soon on Brian Records and is now available for pre-order. Our next concert will be at Vortex Jazz Club, London on March 22nd. Also playing are Black Elk and Olan Mill. If you live in London you should come. After the show we can drink wine together and throw things at Clem Leek. After that, we’ll be harvesting new material for a second record.

If Moon Ate the Dark was a fruit, what fruit would it be?
A honey melon. Like the moon.

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  1. Alvaret Ensemble – Eac
  2. John Cage – Sonata 1
  3. Benoit Pioulard – Nod
  4. Stars of the lid – Requiem for dying mothers part 2
  5. Kaboom Karavan – Not Gone is Seen
  6. Jan Johansson – Visa Från Utanmyra
  7. A Silver Mt. Zion – 13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round the Side of Your Bed
  8. Taylor Deupree – Negative Snow
  9. Harmonia – Veterano
  10. Julianna Barwick – Bob in your gait.
  11. Billie Holiday – Don’t Explain


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