Episode 168: Sleep (aka Drones on Drones on Drones)

They say you should get 8 hours of sleep. Maybe this will help.

This playlist is designed to be listened to between 11pm-7am and is also designed to reflect the flow of the night. For instance, the day this episode is released, sunrise will occur at 6:24 am where I live, thus the song representing sunrise peaks at 7 hours and 24 minutes into this playlist.

If you do attempt to listen to this while you sleep, please listen to it on speakers at a medium volume, so that the music simply becomes another feature of the room. If you play it too loud, the music will become the focal point. If you play it to low, it to be relegated to background noise.

To listen to or download the podcast, you can subscribe to our itunes podcast feed or listen to and download the podcast below:

Episode 168 on Archive.org

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