weekly notes: march 4, 2011

Play with This:

Check This Out:

  • Can we date? Seriously. If you’re a pretty lady, send me your digits. Unless you’re a pet, a ghost, somehow related to me, my playstation 2, my best friend’s ex, my cellmate, my best friend’s sibling, and/or Charlie Sheen.
  • Proof that movies are getting worse. And what will the movie industry do about this? Transfmorers 4 thank you!
  • The Weather Wheel. Yet another reason for living in Los Angeles.
  • Light Painting Wifi Networks. Amazing things happen when nerds have too much time.
  • The Seattle Band Map , basically six degrees of Kevin Bacon, but in regards to bands from Seattle. Again, this is what happens when nerds have too much time.

Look at This:

Read This:

Listen to This:

Watch This:

Not a strong week for videos, but here you go anyway.

  • Are You Typical?


  • The Dying Swan, bringing pop-and-locking to new and disturbingly beautiful heights.


  • Underwater Hockey, you read that correctly

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