stuff i find on the internets

every day, while at work, i sit in front of a computer for roughly nine hours (depending on whether or not i have meetings on a given day (and sometimes those are in front of a computer as well.)) and well, i find a lot of interesting things as i peruse the internet to fill the space between work.

i’ve tried to use twitter as a place to post quick links of what i find, but i get forgetful and, well, i only have 11 followers, so i don’t know how well that’s working out. @prpsprpsprps btw.

so, since this is a blog and i need to fill it with some content in between podcasts, and i start hemorrhaging every time i try to actually write an insightful post, i decided to start posting some of the interesting things i find.

of course, i won’t post everything i find, and what i post will likely have nothing to do with the rest of the content on here, but whatever.

on that note, here is a video featuring the most badass apartment in existence.