fucking’s greatest hits: 2000-2009 edition

since the aughts just kicked the bucket, everyone and their mother is recapping the decade with ‘best of’ lists. no surprise there. it’s natural to long for what once was. so i will do my part in this whole mess and present to you my ten favorite fucking song titles of the decade.

the list is not in order of the quality of a song, but by the badassity of its title. band names will be held in confidence for no apparent reason.

10. it’s kind of like the innocent smiles you get at the start of a relationship before you fuck everything up
9. holy fucking shit: 40,000
8. die, you big fuck off spider, die
7. fuck the men in her life
6. there’s no ‘i’ in “fuck you”
5. motherfucker=redeemer
4. we only fuck to black sabbath vol. 4
3. i fucked your dad
2. fuckers come to collect
1. december hunting for vegetarian fuckface