fifteen ways to describe a song as good or better

from lukewarm goodness to joan holloway bending over. in descending order.

1. i like this song. what was it called?
2. this song is good. or better.
3. best song ever.
4. i don’t know what is going on here, but i like it.
5. this song makes me want to punch a dyslexic orphan.
6. what language is this?
7. this shit makes me move.
8. epic.
9. i want to make love to this song. to this song. while this song is on. so i can feel my own penetration reverberate through the sounds.
10. i feel like john cusack.
12. this kinda sounds like ‘eye of the tiger’
13. the sound god makes when he cries.
14. this is ‘eye of the tiger.’
15. point break.