remember post-rock paper scissors? it’s back. in blog form.

well, we’re back. we were supposed to be back in july, but whatever, we’re back. it only took three months for me to get off my ass and finally get this thing together, but here we are. you probably didn’t even know we existed previously in some other multimediomatic form, but we did. so here we are.

to get this blog going, i’d just like to use this first post to tell you where we’re coming from and what this whole blog deal is about.

well, post-rock paper scissors started about three years ago at the show went running on the air for eight quarters, so i guess that’s around 80 or so shows we did. some of them are archived at most of them are not. as you may have guessed it, we predominantly played post-rock. we did noodle around pretty significantly though and covered what I think was a nice array of tangentially related music. however, i graduated and the show ended. after some requests from bands and friends and such (ha, i just like to make myself feel wanted), i decided to take post-rock paper scissors to the blog world. so here we are.

what this blog is about is pretty straightforward. i want you to replace your radio with me.

if you’ve found this blog, which you have because you’re reading this, then you probably have a fairly extensive collection of music. mostly stolen, but still fairly extensive. and the only reason why you have a fairly extensive collection of music in the first place is because at some point in the road you got tired of what you heard on the radio. granted, that was probably in the ninth grade, but you’re here now.

now, i drive over two hours a day to go to work and back so i’m stuck listening to a lot of radio and it isn’t pretty. i know what you’re saying, why don’t you just plug in your ipod? well, i did for a long time, still do, but i’ve found myself wishing there was more of a radio format playing what i wanted to here. i want to hear a voice so it doesn’t become so cold and perfunctory. i want someone to tell me what i’m hearing and why i’m hearing it.

so that is what we’re here for – to provide you with an hourlong podcast each week so you can play it on your ride to work or wherever the hell you’re headed. it’s probably going to be around 45 minutes of music and 15 minutes of me. we’ll be playing post-rock and whatever else we feel like. however, we’re going to aim to keep the songs short so you get a radio vibe without the gelatinous inanity in between. we’ll be talking about the music, and books, and films, and whatever else in between. hopefully, i can get some guests down the road to spice things up a little. if the podcasts become a success, i’ll try to release them more than once a week.

on a side note, besides all the podcasting, and the commas, which will be plenty, i’ll be posting some musings and such in this blog. hopefully we’ll get some bands involved and they’ll be interesting and you’ll be able to participate and such as well. this will in no way be a download blog (well, other than the podcast downloads of course) because fuck download blogs. ya i said it. review blogs too. while we’re at it, fuck black licorice. how does anyone eat that shit?

anyway, that’s it for now. i wrote well more than i planned on. the first podcast – and all the podcasts hereafter – will be published on the weekends so you can download them on your ipods or burn them on cds before the week starts. hopefully, you read past the second paragraph and actually plan on coming back. that’s the most important part, don’t you know. coming back.