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investigative reports

according to each episode we’ve posted has been downloaded roughly 40 times so far. this is beyond me. if i eclipsed 10 listeners for a show while i was still on the… Continue reading

i retard

if you haven’t noticed (i sure as hell didn’t) i’ve been naming all shows as “eposide” instead of “episode” on soundcloud and for the past seven weeks. please, next time i do… Continue reading

in other news

we’re twittering

twitter is big. twitter is popular. twitter is powerful. we’re now on twitter. follow us.

47 years a.t.

a few days ago i was watching a special on plate tectonics on one of those educational channels. it was on the san andreas fault here in california. they mentioned that plate tectonics… Continue reading

remember post-rock paper scissors? it’s back. in blog form.

well, we’re back. we were supposed to be back in july, but whatever, we’re back. it only took three months for me to get off my ass and finally get this thing together,… Continue reading